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Organizational function  
Name: Ningbo Civil Air Defense Office
Address: Wenhua Road No. 10, Ningbo City
Postal code: 315016
Public phone: (0574)87282989-20012
Supervision phone: (0574)87282989-20012
Main responsibilities: Carry out national and provincial laws, regulations, guiding principles and policies related to civil air defense; draft local laws and regulations and other normative documents related to administrative management of civil air defense under authorization, and organize to implement them after discussion and approval; implement executive law enforcement regarding to laws and regulations about civil air defense. 

Formulate construction programming and planning about civil air defense in the whole city regarding to planning of national economy and social development and the building of national defense, participate in compiling planning combined with urban construction and the building of civil defense.

Organize to carry out commanding civil air defense; instruct counties (cities) and districts to formulate pre-arranged planning to defend against air attack and various guarantee proposals, supervise checking implementation of pre-arranged planning to defend against air attack and various guarantee proposals;  organize instructing various places to formulate evacuation plan to urban people at wartime and carry out building evacuation areas; make sure key targets for economic defense, instruct formulating defense work at ordinary times and aid repair proposals at wartime; participate in urban rescue and relief work and emergent rescue etc.

Formulate training planning for air defense organization (professional team for civil air defense), instruct construction and training of air defense for the masses.

Organize implementation of communication for people's air defense, alarm construction and management, anti-air raid alarm. 

Organize managing construction of civil air defense work. Manage implementation planning, technology and quality of civil air defense (including basement combined with civil building which can be used in air defense); take responsibility for supervising and inspecting basement construction combined with civil building, participate design examination, completeness and acceptance of anti-air basement and instruct application management after construction and formulate use planning at wartime; participate in development and utility of underground space in urban areas.

Organize and carry out publicity and education about civil air defense; formulate education planning for civil air defense and conduct publicity and education about civil air defense together with relevant departments; organize and carry out popularizing knowledge and skill education about civil air defense to junior middle schools in the whole city together with education departments.

Control expenditure to civil air defense; compile budget and final settlement about civil air defense; supervise inspection to use and management expenditure of civil air defense in counties (cities) and districts.

Carry out policy of combination between peace and combat,  formulate the development planning of air defense ofcombination between peace and combat for the whole city, instruct various places in maintenance, management, development and utility of civil air defense.

Organize and carry out research and academic communication about science and technology of air defense, promote and apply achievements in scientific research. 

Organize and carry out urban civil anti-air attack at wartime.

Undertake other affairs assigned by subordinate component department for civil air defense, municipal Party committee, municipal government, military subarea and municipal defense mobilization committee.
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